Fort Pachewar Garh is situated in the middle of the village Pachewar from where one can have a 360* panoramic view of the entire village. A glimpse of Pachewar village provides you the opportunity to see ancient Temples, Royal Cenotaphs situated on the banks of Lake Pampa Sagar, different artisans like black smiths, gold smiths, earthen pot makers, carpet weavers at work, villagers extracting oil traditionally with the help of ox, cooking demonstrations in a local houses with the lady of the house giving live demonstration to their cooks and people making a living through the local market. 

Evenings are made brighter with guests dressing up in colourful traditional and royal attires. This is followed by cocktails along with a puppet show and local folk dances being performed by the local artists. The icing on the cake is the Candle Light/MoonLit Dinner in the court yard/poolside/restaurant where delicious Rajasthani cuisine is served.  

Other facilities include - Swimming pool, Massage centre , Mehendi (heena) application, Car Rental, Internet and Money Exchange.